Why Quantaloop Blockchain is the Perfect Partner for Emerging Technologies

May 26, 2018

Quantaloop Blockchain Loops and Nodes

Blockchain is a breakthrough technology, there is no doubt about that. It is definitely not the only one though. In this day and age, where technological innovations happen faster than ever before, it’s no surprise that technologies like IoT, immersive experiences, AI and online dating are becoming a huge part of our daily lives. When combined with the decentralized power of the Quantaloop blockchain, these emerging technologies can reach their full potential. This post breaks down 4 top technology trends and how it is the perfect partner to blockchain.

1. IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things stands for a system of devices with the ability to transfer data, without the need of human interaction. This can be the sensors on a self-driving car, a coffee machine, garden lights etc. Pretty much anything that you can attach a processor to, so it connects to a wireless network basically is considered IoT.

Using blockchain will have the biggest impact on how secure IoT utility is. Since most the products that are connected to IoT are not made by reputable brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google, they have security problems and are prone to hacking. Introducing Blockchain will eliminate this problem through it’s immutable high security architecture. Moreover, use of smart contracts will make the transactions faster more secure and cost-effective.

2. Immersive experiences (AR, VR, mixed reality)

Immersive experiences involve mixing virtual worlds with reality is commonly known as AR, VR and mixed reality. AR is Augmented Reality, VR is Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality is simply a mix of both. This is a huge game changer not only for the gaming industry but also for pharma, medical, dental, mining and natural resources, military training, live music events and even online dating. So how does blockchain fit into the equation?

Firstly,  blockchain would make it impossible for hackers to pirate content or access without paying. All the users will need the unique blockchain address to be able to gain access to content, which will especially be huge for the music industry, lowering illegal downloads. Secondly, blockchain will help immersive technologies get adopted faster, making it more available through reduced payment friction.  Furthermore the digital representation of tokenizing anything into a digital asset with Quantaloop’s state of the art QuDE system (such as buying virtual land or tracking a diamond) more incorruptible., blockchain has the power of decentralization and the using of a whole network of CPUs globally.

3. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, basing AI on blockchain would have enormous benefits that will boost the growth and the adoption rate of AI. Since AI needs data to learn and grow, the Quantaloop blockchain would be the perfect partner. A decentralized platform where there is a free flow of data, that can’t be manipulated. Furthermore, with the blockchain technology the trade of AI services would be much quicker and easier. It would also take control out of the big companies, giving the opportunity to small developers to be a part of the development process establishing value to a number of stakeholders.

4. Online Dating

Once highly stigmatized, online dating is now one of the easiest ways for locals to meet each other. No matter if it is for you or not, online dating is here to stay but it currently has major issues which can make the whole experience very frustrating.

The biggest problem of online dating is the little amount of transparency it requires. If you used any kind of online dating app you would know how easy it is to create an account that doesn’t accurately represent you. With blockchain, users will be incentivized to further verify their identities which will lower fraudulent activity and increase the trust in app. This will also get rid of all bots and fake accounts and make online dating much more credible. Furthermore, blockchain technology can also improve the matchmaking process by incentivizing the users who help others match. Just like in real life, people are introduced to one another through their connections, which makes the whole process more natural and offer an alternative to the default matching algorithm.

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