Quantaloop sponsored – Hacking for Humanity

April 29, 2019

Hacking for Humanity - Quantaloop - Qude - Girls in Tech - Woman for Climate Change

Quantaloop Technologies is proud to announce being Platinum sponsors Hacking for Humanity May 4 – 5th, 2019.

Hackathon – Scenarios are as follows related to the theme Woman & Climate Change: 

1) Given that there are over 2.6Bn gamers in the world, how can we leverage the gaming community to help fight climate change? 

2) Demonstrate how we can use technology to help modernize older industries such as forestry, mining, oil and gas and make it more sustainable.

3) 2018 was the worst fire season on record as B.C. extends a state of emergency beating the record set only a year earlier in 2017. More than 13,000 square kilometres of the province had burned in 2018, and is estimated to double in damage in 2019. Demonstrate how to use technology to educate the issues surrounding forest fires, floods, climate change and other natural disasters. 

4) Demonstrate how technology can be designed to contribute to the growth of a more socially and environmentally concious economy and/or community. 

5) Demonstrate how to use technology to monetize sustainability.  

6) Demonstrate how can we use technology to raise awareness and get more mainstream attention to green initiatives? 

More about Hacking for Humanity. Hacking for Humanity is a 2-day code-a-thon where developers, designers, scientists, students, entrepreneurs, educators, and mentors work together to build apps that solve social problems. We believe that when communities work together, they don’t just do good, they become a force for global change. As an organization founded on inclusivity and equality, we invite all women, men, and nonbinary, gender-fluid, genderqueer++ to participate and collaborate!

The hackathon is part of a global series by Girls in Tech that takes place throughout the year in various cities around the world. Each chapter partners with Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) to solve social problems local to their community. Get hands-on experience, make friends, network, and be part of a global community – starting here in Vancouver!

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Hacking for Humanity - Quantaloop - Qude - Girls in Tech - Woman for Climate Change

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