Quantaloop Blockchain for Mining & Natural Resources

March 25, 2018

Increasingly, technology is the catalyst for transformational disruption within industry resulting in permanent structural changes to how business is done. This can have a negative impact for companies that are not proactive to change while being a massive opportunity for companies that are.

As the first industry of focus for Quantaloop, the mining and natural resource sector has seen a slow uptake of technological advancements over the last several decades leading to lower productivity and reduced investment. With this understanding, blockchain and IoT have started to receive large amounts of interest from leaders in this space for two main reasons:

  1. They understand there is a need to embrace technology for long-term business sustainability of their industry.
  2. They have seen the positive impact of blockchain on other non traditional tech sectors.

The challenges industry leaders face is not knowing how to build an industry specific platform to utilize blockchain technology nor how to implement this technology effectively to improve their bottom line. Quantaloop recognizes these industry frustrations and sees the future of the natural resource sector as a contained network on the Quantaloop platform. From assay results to IoT machines, smart sensors, shipping and payments, Quantaloop will assist this industry by tracking and improving processes from beginning to end.

Based out of Canada, the world’s third largest mining supply with 3,200+ suppliers producing 60+ minerals and metals, Quantaloop will integrate Canada’s largest mining companies with blockchain technology producing a more robust global standard for the entire sector. Canada is is the world’s largest producer of potash and a major producer of aluminum, cobalt, diamonds, nickel, platinum group metals, titanium, tungsten, uranium and zinc.

We have defined seven potential improvements specifically tailored to the natural resource sector that requires the power of the Quantaloop blockchain ecosystem:

  1. Assay Upgrade
  2. Improved Cybersecurity
  3. Data-informed Transparency & Profitability (IoT & AI)
  4. More Efficient, Traceable Supply Chain & Payments
  5. Store of Value: Tokenizing of Hard Assets, ‘QuDe’
  6. Bringing Millennials Back to Mining
  7. The Future of Carbon Credits

blockchain-naturalresources-Mining_IoTLike what you are hearing? There is more. For in-depth blockchain use-cases and writes ups on Quantaloop solutions, please get in touch with us.

Whether you are in mining exploration or simply looking for innovative ways to revive your existing mining of natural resource business and relevance, the Quantaloop wants to hear from you! We are always looking for industry business partners who are future thought-leaders in emerging technologies. Email us today for more info.