The Ability to Profit from Cryptocurrency and Blockchain…

July 27, 2018

The ability to profit from cryptocurrency and blockchain markets might be more complicated than one would think. The creation of bitcoin and blockchain in 2009 was an evolution of decentralized products and a path to give users more control. Since then, many adopters of this technology have been working to give options to people that the internet in its current form cannot. Central authority has spread across every digital space as it has throughout the ‘real’ world. Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology that has the potential to bring digital solutions to the real world problems that plague us; problems that big business is not doing enough to solve. Regulators working for centralized systems are actively trying to stop this technology from growing, knowing that it has the power to disrupt the current systems in place. The same  systems that benefit and protect big business.

The ICO is a fundamental tool used to build and enhance blockchain infrastructure. To date, it has been difficult or near impossible to get funding for angel projects that expand this new technology. China is a perfect example of a central authority that has taken steps to ban and slow the growth of blockchain and ICOs, and without ICOs it is far more difficult to build these disruptive platforms. However, as of this writing, China is now lifting its ICO ban and choosing platforms that it can regulate. We predict this model will be copied by other countries that are behind China’s tech curve. Quantaloop is being built to represent a blockchain platform that can be utilized by Canada and the rest of North America as a pure, decentralized, business-to-business blockchain ecology. We aim to be the premier provider of blockchain solutions, giving North American and international businesses tools to run more efficiently and be better positioned to adapt to a decentralized, digital economy. As we know, investing in cryptocurrencies has been very profitable experiencing massive gains in 2015 and 2017. Going forward, my belief is the best investments will be blockchain platforms that have their own ecology and can create value for businesses by reducing overhead.

Imagine if the internet paid out dividends? Or if small business had the same access to markets that big business does? Quantaloop can facilitate this by removing middle men and the central authority they rely on. Across all industries, we can create a more robust, secure, and less trust-reliant ecosystem that will help businesses grow and scale at their own rate. We see this as the future: a digital world that flows seamlessly into our real world, paving the way to a prosperous future for all. Investing in Quantaloop is investing in this vision of the future.

I am reminded of my entry into the cryptocurrency market. I bought my first Bitcoin at $7 and my first Ether at $10. It was an investment I believed in. I was not an accredited investor, I was young and saved up some money so I could send it to a kid I met on Reddit using a wire transfer. I took the chance and invested in the idea there had to be better alternatives to the current centralized stock markets and banking systems, because they benefited only the few, whereas I saw the potential of blockchain and crypto to disrupt these systems and benefit the many.

I believe the best investments in blockchain this year are going to be with strong teams and ones that represent a platform stepping away from Ether and Bitcoin. This is also what we are seeing China do. Getting in on an early ICO is also key. I’m not here to tell you that you are guaranteed to make money on your investment but I can tell you this: You are investing in an amazing team and one that sees the future of the internet and how it will transform all business. If you see value in this, then you see the same value that I was able to see when I traded for my initial bitcoin back in 2009 for $7 dollars.

Jesse Harris
CEO, Co-founder
Quantaloop Technologies Inc.