Game design for the current generation

December 20, 2018


What cultural clues do games give us about how to design for them in this current generation?

Game design is the foundation of Quantaloop utility because we believe play is the most powerful way for humans to learn and connect.

Games carry clues to the basic characters of a culture and if you look deep enough, you can actually learn a lot about a civilization based on the most popular games played. In 2958, Caillois, author of Man, Play and Games argued that one could make a cultural diagnosis by analyzing games and broke it down into four elements of play.

1) Agon, or competition;
2) Alea, or chance;
3) Mimesis, or simulation;
4) Ilinx, or vertigo.

In the current era of short attention spans, uncertainty in financial markets and global politics, general overwhelm of information excess, convenience and need for connection, the games we believe are best suited for generations living in 2019+ are:

  • Games that offer multiple reasons to play
  • Easy access, cross platform, mobile first 
  • Freemium model monetization (try before buy)
  • Add value to their life beyond entertainment 
  • Quality brands worth loyalty, trust and attention
  • Elicit feelings of purpose and positive progression to their personal lives and humanity as a whole
  • Freshness (latest technology, live data)
  • User first experience (progressive on-boarding that gives users information only when they need it)
  • Belonging (storytelling, playing together competitively and leisurely)
  • Challenging and rewarding for all
  • Games that bridge the online world to the physical
  • Real world impact (accessibility to green initiatives)

Quantaloop for the future of games and virtual goods

Quantaloop fits perfectly into game design of play for the current generation’s needs. Quantaloop gives users another reason to play games. From fresh content to establishing trust, positive progression and purpose, rewarding for all, bridging online to real world…

Quantaloop provides game producers the tools and boots-on-the-ground execution so that they can deliver ‘better business’ marketing promises towards conscious consumerism without having to pivot their product roadmap (and stay focus on what they do best).

Quantaloop provides games players and charity supporters real live time transparent data into the social and environmental impact being generated for every dollar spent in game making regenerative efforts more accessible and easier to contribute.

Everyone wants to help but they don’t know how, we make this easy!

For more on the latest game design thinking and creating a 21st century edge through better and more sustainable business, get in touch with us at our parent website