Customized Blockchain Solutions for the Mining Sector

March 19, 2018

Quantaloop is the first customized blockchain platform for the mining and natural resource supply chain.

Designed with the needs of mining and natural resource companies in mind, Quantaloop uses the power of blockchain to connect companies to their vehicles, payments, supply chain, governments and the world. Whether it is creating digital value through the tokenizing of hard assets or implementing world class cyber security initiatives, Quantaloop improves security, transparency, efficiency and profitability while creating new ways to invest in natural resources through our revolutionary QuDe system.

The QuDe system is a new and improved way to invest in natural resources. What is the QuDe system and how does it work? Let’s look at the QuDe system in the business of precious metals. Precious metals will be tracked and traced from the moment of extraction to the point of sale, satisfying increasing consumer demand for both increased supply chain transparency and more environmentally sound products. Imagine digitally trade geo‑tagged cubic meters of gold ore – while it’s still in the ground! For example, a gold mining company could identify its ore body and subdivide it into smaller parts, say one cubic meter segments. This information, verified by a trusted on-ground third party, would be recorded in a blockchain as a QuDe token. The blockchain record would enable anyone to trace ownership as well as the specific geographic location of the ore beneath the earth’s surface. Blockchain provides increased supply chain transparency, improve credibility and public trust of data shared, immutable records, location tracking, as well as reduced paperwork and administrative costs and risk across the supply chain malpractice. Increased supply chain transparency provides more visibility and benefits both businesses and consumers.

Empower the entire supply chain. Want to know more about what it means to create digital value and how you can apply and start utilizing the benefits of blockchain to your business today? Email us.