Quantaloop 2018 in Review

December 27, 2018


In 2017, we watched the rise and adoption of bitcoin a digital currency and regulation stepping in to control the ICO markets – a global fundraiser tool that help blockchain companies raise funds to create those ideas. 2018 we saw the year of further global regulation on blockchain projects and the secret adoption of bitcoin on stock exchanges globally where regulation was a tool used to slow the advancements of this emerging technology which pressed bitcoins value down using futures. Media further press factors of what is backing the values of ICOs and/or digital currencies. In my opinion, this is a classic care of he-said-she-said kind of scenario, which filled 2018 with strategic pivots for Quantaloop to seize an opening within these emerging technologies, traveling to blockchain conferences and linking up with people across the world that are implementing great innovative products. We have been lucky to partner with some amazing businesses and people that are doing amazing things and will continue on this path in the upcoming new year.

Quantaloop has set itself up to become a Token of LAND VALUE being valued with lands we will hold in a trust much like a vault. This land value puts us in a extremely large market of natural resources and emerging “Carbontech” technologies that are replacing C02 in various new ways such as trees to biofuel, methane to graphene, reforestation using drones, forest fire mitigation, advancing planet heath to create value and more. Not only are we equipped with a asset backed token, we are in another emerging technology where from what I have seen will be the hot topic of 2019 “fixing the Earth”. 2019 is predicted to have a down-turn market and land investments are consistently one of the best ways to increase gains during times like these and launching a token in a bottom is also far better then launching one in an all time high.

I am extremely excited for everything that has happened in 2018 and look forward to some major advancements for the Quantaloop team this coming year.

Jesse Harris